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What is Cytotec?

It is the trade name of misoprostol, which is a tablet used to stimulate mucus and to treat postpartum bleeding and abortion and is also used to treat some cases of stomach ulcers.

Active ingredient and dosage form of Cytotec tablets

The active substance is misoprostol
pharmacological form tablets
Concentration 200 mg

original cytotec pills

Often the shape of the box is white and stamped with the factory seal and produced by Pfizer

The inner strip consists of 10 to 14 tablets

The color of the strip is black and it consists of 10 tablets – The strip is in pink color and it contains 14 tablets

The factory seal is engraved with the number 1461. on the grain

Reasons for using Cytotec

  • Because it contains misoprostol, it is used to abort the pregnancy
  • uterine cleaning
  • Childbirth begins
  • Postpartum hemorrhage treatment

Terms of use

You must make sure that you are pregnant or not, by doing analyzes and tests, that the pregnancy period does not exceed 3 months, as a maximum, and that there is no pregnancy outside the womb

Do not use Cytotec while breastfeeding

Do not use the drug if you are planning in the future to have children because it may affect that

How to use Cytotec tablets

You should use Cytotec with the following instructions

In case the gestational age is a month, two tablets should be used: one under the tongue and one in the womb every two hours for 5 times, a total of 10 tablets.

In the event that the pregnancy period is two to three months, we recommend (14 tablets) two pills under the tongue and two pills in the womb every two hours

Cytotec side effects

Cytotec pills cause headaches, bleeding, stomach pain, nausea, and back pain

important warning

Make sure that the medicine is original and sealed on the box with the factory seal and the production of Pfizer

Before use, you must check the validity of the drug

If the bleeding continues for more than two hours, you must immediately go to the nearest hospital or consult a private doctor

Cytotec pills price

The original Cytotec price, produced by the English or Greek Pfizer company, is available at 625 EGP

Where are abortion pills sold in Egypt?

It is difficult and hard to find abortion pills available in pharmacies in Egypt due to the criminalization of the abortion process

Abortion pills are available by purchasing Cytotec online from Internet sites dedicated to this, including trusted sites, including notorious sites that have non-original and counterfeit products.

Reputable websites are as follows in case Cytotec pills are not available for sale

Gulf Women Pharmacies website

  • women Egypt – safetyabortion – pills.cytotecegypt

Bad Reputation Sites

We warn you to fully deal with these sites, as they sell fraudulent Cytotec drug as if it were the original, and hundreds of messages have arrived with the process of swindling, and what is the following

Free women’s pharmacies website
Gulf Women Pharmacies website

We warn you completely against dealing with these suspicious numbers that scam and traffic in patients

How to buy Cytotec online

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buy Cytotec 200

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