Cytotec Dose For Abortion

Cytotec dose for abortion pills 200 mcg

Cytotec dose for abortion pills 200 mcg 800 micrograms, which is equivalent to four tablets inside the vagina or under the tongue, and the dose can be repeated up to a maximum of 3 times a day every 3 hours or as directed by the doctor

Cytotec Dosage Instructions

  • Before taking Cytotec for abortion, you must fast for 8 hours
  • Put two tablets under the tongue and wait until they dissolve completely, then swallow them
  • Put two pills deep inside the vagina, and it is preferable to put a drop of water on each pill before inserting it into the vagina
  • Putting the feet high on the wall and extending the rest of the body on the ground with the possibility of placing a pillow to comfort the body and keeping it in this position for the largest possible time

After the end of the period of time (2 hours) and before using the next dose, if heavy or profuse bleeding occurs, you must stop taking the dose of Cytotec for abortion from the lower (vaginal) and continue taking the dose orally. The wizard and this is the method of using Cytotec pills for abortion in the first month until the dose of Cytotec for abortion in the sixth week and also the dose of Cytotec for abortion in the fifth week

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Important caution before taking Cytotec dose for abortion

After the pregnancy, you must use some natural herbs, and castor oil is very useful for this case. Castor oil cleans the uterus.

It is worth noting that castor oil helps as a drink if the entire dose of Cytotec is used for abortion and the pregnancy has not come down

How does Cytotec for abortion work?

The active substance misoprostol in Cytotec pills works by causing uterine contractions, forcing the uterus to expel the pregnancy. And you have diarrhea or vomiting, and you must know that it will be prone to severe bleeding

Termination of pregnancy using Cytotec pills is completely similar to a miscarriage, ie the termination of pregnancy naturally, ie a natural miscarriage. It should be noted that this often happens to about 20% of all pregnancies.

Cytotec Dose For Abortion

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Tips before eating Cytotec dose for abortion

Cytotec tablets are available under several brand names such as Cytotec, Cytotec, Mizotac, and others. Usually, one tablet contains 200 micrograms of misoprostol.

Often a woman only needs four pills to induce an abortion, and in some very rare cases, she can need 12 pills.

It is preferable to use Cytotec tablets during the first nine weeks of the last menstrual period, that is, within less than 63 days from the date or day of the last menstruation, during this period the tablets will work well and success can be guaranteed by 90% and even the abortion, in this case, is less painful and safer

Cytotec pills for miscarriage

We answer some common questions:-

I used cytotec pills

I used Cytotec pills and I did not miscarry. This always happens, including in cases of ectopic pregnancy or the use of fraudulent or counterfeit medicines, so beware, my lady, and know that the price of Cytotec pills is not less than 6000 EGP in the Egyptian market, and if you buy Cytotec for less than that, it may be counterfeit

When does Cytotec pills start to work? This happens within hours and the pregnancy can be terminated within days ranging from a day to a week as a maximumCytotec dose for abortion is repeated

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